Tuesday, May 13, 2008


RESET is one of our first sponsors, and many more to come. I REALLY want to see you in those smaller size jeans- I want to help YOU get there-- and I'm providing sponsors that ONLY have your best interest at heart. I feel like RESET will do just that! Here is what it is all about.


Problem #1 A Quick Fix. Dieters often drastically restrict their calories or food choices now but return to their old habits once they reach their goal. SOLUTION: Permanent lifestyle changes are needed to achieve sustained weight loss.

Problem #2 Fad Diets = Unbalanced Nutrition. Too often, diets focus on specific types of foods or nutrients and disregard the importance of everything else, leading to unbalanced nutrition. SOLUTION: For optimal nutrition, our bodies need a balanced variety of nutrients, including the right types of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

Problem #3 The High-Glycemic Trap. Eating high-glycemic foods can sabotage even the best of diet plans because the resulting spike and subsequent drop in blood sugar leads to a more rapid return to feelings of hunger. SOLUTION: A better approach focuses on low-glycemic carbohydrates, which help to moderate blood glucose levels, leaving you feeling full and satisfied longer.

WHY YOU CAN SUCCEED: Thousands of people just like you have avoided these pitfalls of dieting and discovered a healthier, happier lifestyle with USANA Health Sciences. With USANAs solution, the exclusive RESET program, you too can achieve success. Better yet, you will start to see real change in as little as five days.

RESET is a jumpstart to healthy living. The program is simple. For five days you replace your meals and snacks with USANA's delicious foods. The program also includes USANA's world-class nutritional supplements, which provide your body with the essential micronutrients you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In five days with RESET, you can: *lose those first few pounds, *curb hunger through low-glycemic foods, *launch your healthy lifestyle by breaking poor nutritional habits.

The Next Step to Success: To keep up the momentum you have built with RESET, USANA has designed two simple programs to help make your healthy new habits a way of life.

Transform. To continue losing weight after completing RESET, replace two meals and two snacks each day with USANA foods and eat a healthy, low-glycemic dinner. You should also gradually introduce more exercise into your life. Once you reach your weight loss goal, be sure that healthy eating becomes a lifelong habit with the Maintain program.

Maintain. Continue to replace one meal and one snack each day with USANA foods and eat a healthy low-glycemic lunch and dinner. Be sure to keep active with regular exercise. Follow this program every day for optimal health.

For more information about losing weight with RESET, contact Nisha Riggs at nisha@usana.com.

Thanks Nisha for sponsoring us and for the great support you will be to many of our clients!


Jen Rey said...

I did the 5-day RESET program in August 2006 and followed up with the Maintain phase. In 6 months I lost about 30 pounds and totally changed to a healthy lifestyle! It's May 2008 and I'm still at this same body size. See my progress here.

Since we're talking jeans, I went from a size 12 to a size 8--and I've never worn a size 8 before. Wish I'd known about this blog then; I had to go buy new jeans!

Bertie said...

Hi Jen! Thanks so much for posting on my blog-- WOW- your transformation is AMAZING and sooo inspiring. Congrats and good for you:) You look stunning AND you have 5 kids to boot-- WOW!

Jen Rey said...

Thanks, Bertie. One clarification. The kids are my nieces and nephews. They're the best, and when we're together, they keep me very busy.