Saturday, February 7, 2009

Time to GIVE back!

I'm so excited to be giving BACK to everyone who is trying SO hard to lose that weight and keep it off, and save some money in the mean time. The economy isn't the greatest right now, but that doesn't mean you still can't look your absolute BEST! With jean insurance, once you can no longer fit into your jeans due to weight loss, I will pay you back the exact price you paid for the jeans AND on top of that... for every

100th customer I will give them 50 bucks right on the spot, and for every 500th customer you will get 200 smackaroos right into your paypal account from ME! This trend will continue until the economy is BACK on its feet.

Who couldn't use a little extra cash these days:) It is a WIN-WIN situation for us all!

I'm also excited to be announcing that I will be launching a website here in the next month (with a dot com, and not just a blogspot)... but I'm looking for a catchy website name... and I'm leaving that up to YOU! The winner will receive some awesome giveaway prizes- to be announced! (I'm thinking designer jeans of YOUR choice)

More details to come- so STAY tuned!!

As always- if you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment or e-mail me at

Keep workin' it!:)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Are you getting jeans for Christmas??

Christmas is almost here, which means the New Year is approaching fast, and we all know what is on your New Years resolution list- because it always seems to be at the top of every one's list, because only 10% of people each year lose weight and KEEP it off. Do you really want to keep that nagging resolution on your list or do you finally want to CROSS it off?

As a holiday gift this year, if you receive a pair of jeans for Christmas- YOU can insure them! I will still need a receipt of course, just so that I know what to reimburse you for when you lose that weight, and you will still have to pay the 30% of the cost of the jeans to insure your jeans-- but it is still a deal, because you didn't have to pay for the jeans in the first place-- but you will still get the cost of the jeans back when you lose that weight- and YOU will! It is your year, it is your time to finally do it! No one is holding you back but YOU!

Don't forget to sign up for the 12 days of fitness here. It is almost time to start receiving fun workouts in your inbox everyday before Christmas to get you pumped to get to where you want to be.

Good luck and don't forget to insure you jeans, so you can be rewarded for all your HARD WORK!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The New Year will be here BEFORE you know it!

So, lets start it off bright and early.

With the 12 days of Fitness!

You can either click on the picture above or go here, and read about the 12 days of fitness. All you have to do is sign up at the bottom of the website for their "12 days of fitness" gift (for free!) and on December 10th you will start getting your free workouts and other gifts provided solely by fitness professionals who ONLY want to help you get to where YOU want to be!

So, let's get this party started. Don't wait to start when the new year gets here... NOW is as good as anytime!

You can still eat during the holidays, just focus on maintaining your weight, so that when the new year does get here- you aren't also trying to take off that extra 10 pounds you gained during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Look for daily tips on how to get through the holidays!

I'm here for you all the way- and we WILL get you that free pair of jeans!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lose a size doing the Extra Special K

for a free tee and all for a cause!

We have all seen the commercial for the "Special K" diet, where you replace your first 2 meals with a bowl of cereal (Special K, to be more specific) and then eat a sensible third meal. In just 2 weeks you could lose up to 1 jeans size doing this. I will be honest, I have never tried this before as it seems more of a "quick" fix and I'm not about "quick" fixes... I want you to KEEP the weight off, not just lose it for that special occasion.

However, sometimes it takes something like this to get you jump started as you see progress a little faster then normal and you are more likely to keep up with a healthy lifestyle, if you see changes. Right now, however, Special K is teaming up with celebrities and making donations to United Way and you can too. Lose a size doing their diet and then donate your jeans to United Way. If you do this- you will also get a cute free tee in return:)

Just thought, some of you might want to check it out. If you buy new jeans and insure them through me- I will allow you to send them into Special K as a donation vs. to me when you go down in size.

Either way - have a go at it and donate your no longer needed jeans to United Way.

For more information, check out the details here.

Good luck and no matter what have fun while on your way to a healthier lifestyle and losing weight.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Got Questions?? We've got answers!

1. Is this a scam?

I assure you this is not a scam. In fact - here is my personal family blog- RangersRus5, so that you can kind of get to know me and realize that I am a real stay at home mom, who has struggled with her own weight issues and going up and down in size and created Lose and Win Free Jeans to help motivate and reward men and women for their own hard work and weight loss.

2. When can I cash in on my jeans insurance?

As soon as you no longer fit into your jeans that you have insured and you are ready for a smaller size! Gaining weight and growing out of your jeans does not count. I want you to have the best body you can - and reward you for doing your best to get there- until you have successfully
reached your goal.

3. What if I lose weight and want to keep my jeans?

We do have an option where you are more then welcome to keep your jeans. I understand there
are many women out there who like to hang onto there jeans for many different reasons, usually as a safety net. If you would like to do this, then check out option #2 here. It is more of a "Body for Life" style. You will send me a "before" picture with you holding a newspaper of the week you send in your insurance money, or a sign of the date on a big piece of paper. You will also send me
along your measurements and weight. (and always a copy of the receipt of the jeans you would
like to insure) Then when you are ready to cash in, you send me your "after" picture and new
measurements and weight. Then wa-la, you get to keep your jeans and I send you the money you paid for your jeans!

4. How long does the insurance last?

The jeans that you decide to insure will last for 1 year. You have to insure your jeans within 1
week of buying them.

5. Why should I do this vs. going to a tailor and just getting them tailored?

You can go to a tailor if you would like. But the more jeans are worn, the more worn out they
become (especially with the new styles out today). This will give you a chance to get a brand new
pair without really being out of pocket. So, if you buy a 50 dollar pair of jeans, you would send me 30%, which ends up being 15 dollars. Then when you lose weight and cash in, I send you 50
dollars, and you get to buy another pair of jeans. With styles changing all the time, it is fun to stay up to date and get a great new pair of jeans! Having a good pair of jeans that fit you well, can really boost your confidence, and then that confidence spreads out into everything else you have to do in life. This is all about enjoying yourself- and if enjoying yourself is going to a tailor and keeping the same jeans, then go for it. I want you to do what makes you happy and will benefit you the most. If it were me- I'd take the shopping spree and go get a new pair:)

6. Is it worth it?

This is a question you will have to answer for yourself. I think it is worth it if you are serious
about losing weight, whether it is 10 pounds or 110 pounds. I think it is worth it if you are buying
jeans that are meant to last and that can take a chunk out of your pocket book, that you don't
want to be having to keep shelling out every other month, especially when you are serious about
losing it. If you go to a thrift shop and get a pair for 5 bucks- then I don't think it is worth it. Or if
you are on the fence about losing weight or not, then I don't think it is worth it. But that is where
you come in. Is this something you want to do and think that you are worth it?

7. What payments do you accept?

We accept Paypal at the moment. We also will take check or money orders as well. We will
have more payment options soon.

These questions have been the most frequently asked to date. If you have a question for me that has not been answered, please feel free to e-mail me at I'm with you all the way and I am pushing for you to get into that new pair of jeans, but in a smaller size!

Friday, July 11, 2008

To be a Kid again!

Do you remember being a kid and playing outside and running around with your friends til' you were called in for dinner? Don't you wish you could have that same energy and play around like that for exercise? How awesome would that be?

The other day I was sifting through my inbox and I came across an e-mail with a link on how to make fitness more fun! Hey- I''m up for anything that has the word fun in it. Check it out here-- maybe we can't BE a kid again- but we sure can feel like one!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It is easier to do when you have a goal and plan in sight

I hope everyone is doing well on their weight loss journey! I will be uploading some success stories soon, of how much people have saved by insuring their jeans, and how well they have done and what they have done to succeed.

Here is just one tip I have found helpful in getting back on the "fitness" wagon. I seem to workout more when I have an end goal in site, like a 5K, or a fitness competition, or a triathlon, etc.... However - once I reach my end goal I decide to take a very long unnecessary break- which will stop NOW! I encourage each or you to look for an end goal to get you consistently working out and eating right, and then just stick with it-- make it a habit for good.

Here are 2 goals that I think are a great start. The first is Couch to 5K - if you are not a natural runner like me, this plan is great!

Another great plan is the 6 weeks to 100 push-ups challenge. I'm personally taking this one on right now! So far so good!

Getting to a healthy lifestyle takes one day at a time, until you have reached the point of habit, and then you just have to stick with it-- and not take super long breaks. It is much easier to fall off then get back on.

Good luck and I would love to hear what your goal is that is helping you be consistent in working out and staying in shape!