Monday, April 14, 2008

This is how it began........

I recently purchased a pair of cute bermuda jean shorts for the summer. I guess I'm at that stage where I'm "in between" sizes because I couldn't decide on whether I should get the bigger size or the smaller size. The bigger size fit kind of nicely, but if it fit like that after being washed, then what will happen after a day or 2. The smaller size was a little snug, but would fit perfectly later in the afternoon after being stretched a little. Well, I opted for the bigger size, and now I feel dumb. They are practically falling off of me. I was feeling sorry for myself, because here I have just bought a new pair of jean shorts to last me through the summer, and I've taken the tags off.... and I want the smaller size!!

This got me to thinking. I bet that there are a lot of people out there, who still want to lose weight (like me) but they don't want to hold out on buying new clothes until they are their perfect size, but they don't want to go walking around in their old baggy clothes either- and if you have a lot of weight to lose- this could mean going down a size quite often and that can get expensive. So what is a girl or guy to do??

My proposal?! JEAN INSURANCE!! That is right! I'm offering you a chance to purchase insurance on your jeans! What kind of jeans?? Doesn't matter- you get to pick what kind of jeans you want and you buy them anywhere you want and then you get me to "insure" them.

Is your interest peaked? Then keep reading.... and I'll explain exactly how it works, and why you will want to purchase jean insurance and how you can lose to win FREE JEANS!

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