Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lose a size doing the Extra Special K

for a free tee and all for a cause!

We have all seen the commercial for the "Special K" diet, where you replace your first 2 meals with a bowl of cereal (Special K, to be more specific) and then eat a sensible third meal. In just 2 weeks you could lose up to 1 jeans size doing this. I will be honest, I have never tried this before as it seems more of a "quick" fix and I'm not about "quick" fixes... I want you to KEEP the weight off, not just lose it for that special occasion.

However, sometimes it takes something like this to get you jump started as you see progress a little faster then normal and you are more likely to keep up with a healthy lifestyle, if you see changes. Right now, however, Special K is teaming up with celebrities and making donations to United Way and you can too. Lose a size doing their diet and then donate your jeans to United Way. If you do this- you will also get a cute free tee in return:)

Just thought, some of you might want to check it out. If you buy new jeans and insure them through me- I will allow you to send them into Special K as a donation vs. to me when you go down in size.

Either way - have a go at it and donate your no longer needed jeans to United Way.

For more information, check out the details here.

Good luck and no matter what have fun while on your way to a healthier lifestyle and losing weight.


win said...

I have tried many of such kind of products to lose my weight ,But was useless.Hopefully it will work for me.
Thanks for sharing here.

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Hi Bertie,
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